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1. **Design**: The dumbbell-type PVC water stopper is shaped like a dumbbell, with a central bulbous section connected to two cylindrical arms on either side. This design allows the water stopper to be inserted into a pre-formed groove or channel in the concrete joint, creating a watertight seal.
2. **Material**: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is the primary material used in the construction of dumbbell-type water stoppers. PVC offers excellent flexibility, durability, and resistance to water, chemicals, and weathering, making it well-suited for use in concrete construction applications.
3. **Flexibility**: The dumbbell shape of the water stopper allows it to flex and conform to the contours of the joint, ensuring a snug fit and an effective seal. This flexibility accommodates movements in the concrete structure due to temperature variations, settlement, or seismic activity without compromising the integrity of the seal.
4. **Installation**: Dumbbell-type PVC water stoppers are typically installed during the pouring of concrete, with the water stopper positioned in the center of the joint groove before the concrete is poured. The concrete is then poured around the water stopper, encapsulating it and forming a secure seal. Alternatively, they can be retrofitted into existing joints by cutting a groove and inserting the water stopper.
5. **Applications**: Dumbbell-type PVC water stoppers are used in a variety of concrete construction applications, including:
   - Water Retaining Structures: Such as reservoirs, dams, water treatment plants, and swimming pools to prevent water leakage and seepage.   - Below-Grade Structures: Such as basements, underground parking garages, and tunnels to protect against groundwater infiltration.   - Infrastructure Projects: Such as bridges, culverts, and retaining walls to ensure the longevity and stability of the structure by preventing water-induced deterioration.
6. **Advantages**: Dumbbell-type PVC water stoppers offer several advantages, including ease of installation, resistance to corrosion and deterioration, compatibility with various concrete structures, and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional water stop materials like rubber or metal.

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  • PVC water stopper
  • PVC water stopper
  • PVC water stopper
  • PVC water stopper
PVC water stopper
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PVC water stopper

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Usage/ApplicationIrrigation Project
Width200 mm
I Deal InNew Only
Country of OriginMade in India
Sandhya Enterprises are one of the leading manufacturers of PVC water stoppers. These water stoppers are flexible plastic stripes that act as a physical barrier to water. These barriers are commonly employed at concrete joints in basements, water-retaining structures such as structural foundations, water tanks and swimming pools, and other below-ground constructions. A typical water stopper consists of two identical halves on either side of a central bulb. Increased path length made possible by this design effectively diverts any water that could try to enter past the water stopper's edge. Water stoppers increase their efficiency in preventing water penetration and preserving the integrity of the structures they are applied to by offering this extra extension. Sandhya Enterprises is dedicated to producing water stoppers of the highest calibre that adhere to industry requirements and provide dependable water barrier solutions. Compounding of PVC Water Stopper Our water stoppers are specially manufactured using an anti-ageing customized plastic compound. Additionally, it has PVC as a base polymer. These water stoppers offer several advantageous properties, such as high elasticity and tensile strength, immunity to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting durability even in harsh environments, and excellent weather resistance. They can withstand exposure to various chemicals, including acids, alkalis, metals, salts, and other corrosive substances. Other properties include lower water absorption, reducing the risk of water permeation through the joint. With their high hydrostatic pressure withstanding capacity, the water stoppers effectively resist water pressure, maintaining a watertight seal. Moreover, the water stoppers are suitable for applications with dynamic loads or vibrations because they can endure strong turbine shocks. In times of earthquakes and flooding, they also show resilience, adding to the security. Sandhya Enterprises assures its water stoppers contain various qualities to suit the many demands of water barrier applications. It combines the anti-ageing customized plastic compound with PVC as the basic polymer.

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