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Tyre Flaps

Tyre flaps, also known as tire flaps or inner tubes, are essential components of many types of pneumatic tires, especially in heavy-duty or commercial vehicle applications. These flexible rubber or synthetic liners are placed inside the tire, between the tire casing and the tube (if a tube-type tire) or directly against the inside of the tire (in tubeless tires). Tyre flaps serve several important functions:


1. **Protection**: Tyre flaps protect the inner tube (if present) from damage caused by sharp objects, the tire's inner liner, or the rim's sharp edges. This helps prevent punctures and tube damage.


2. **Cushioning**: They provide an additional cushioning layer that helps absorb shocks, impacts, and road irregularities, contributing to a smoother ride and enhanced tire durability.


3. **Tire Integrity**: Tyre flaps help maintain the structural integrity of the tire, preventing the tube from coming into direct contact with the tire casing, which can lead to abrasion and damage.


4. **Heat Dissipation**: In some applications, such as in off-road and heavy-load conditions, they can aid in heat dissipation, reducing the risk of tire overheating.


5. **Enhanced Tire Life**: Tyre flaps contribute to extending the life of tires by preventing early wear and damage to the tire's inner components.


Tyre flaps are typically made from rubber or synthetic materials that are resistant to wear and aging. The choice of a suitable tyre flap depends on the tire size and application. They are commonly used in various heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery. Proper installation and maintenance of tyre flaps are essential for ensuring their effectiveness in protecting the tire and maintaining its performance and safety.

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  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps
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Heavy Duty Tyre Flaps

Approx. Price: Rs 370 / PieceGet Latest Price
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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity50 Piece
MaterialTyre flaps are typically made from various materials, with rubber being the most common choice. The
ShapeTyre flaps typically have a circular or doughnut-like shape that matches the shape of the tire they
SizeTyre Flap S No Size 1. 7.00x15 2. 7.50x16 3. 1000x20 4.1200x24
Country of OriginMade in India
Tyre flaps, also known as inner tubes or tire liners, are rubber or plastic inserts that are placed inside a tire to provide additional protection against punctures and damage. They are commonly used in bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, and some types of industrial and agricultural vehicle tires.
The main purposes of tyre flaps include:
1. Puncture Protection: Tyre flaps serve as a barrier between the inner tube (or tire casing) and the road or terrain. They help prevent sharp objects, such as nails, thorns, or glass shards, from puncturing the inner tube or damaging the tire casing.
2. Increased Durability: By adding an extra layer of protection, tyre flaps can extend the lifespan of tires, especially in rough or off-road conditions where puncture risk is higher.
3. Sealant: Some tyre flaps come with a sealant compound that can automatically seal small punctures as they occur, reducing the need for immediate repairs.
4. Temperature Control: In some cases, tyre flaps are used to insulate the inner tube from extreme heat generated during high-speed driving, which can help prevent blowouts.
5. Stability: In certain situations, such as heavy loads or low-pressure conditions, tyre flaps can help maintain tire stability and prevent pinch flats.
It's important to note that not all types of tires require tyre flaps. Modern tubeless tires, for example, are designed to be used without inner tubes, and they rely on a tubeless rim and sealant to prevent air leaks and punctures. Tyre flaps are more commonly used in older bicycle and motorcycle tires or in specific applications where they are deemed necessary for added protection.
If you have a specific question about tyre flaps or need more information about their use in a particular context, please provide additional details, and I'll be happy to assist further.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: TF
  • Production Capacity: 200 per Day
  • Delivery Time: 7 days
  • Packaging Details: The packing details of tyre flaps can vary depending on the manufacturer, the type of tyre flap, and regional or market-specific packaging requirements. However, I can provide a general overview of what you might find in the packing details of tyre flaps: 1. **Quantity:** The packaging will indicate the number of tyre flaps included in the package. This can vary depending on whether you're purchasing a single flap, a pair, or multiple flaps as a set. 2. **Size:** The packaging will specify the size or sizes of the tyre flaps included. This ensures that you're getting the correct size for your tires. 3. **Material:** Information about the material composition of the tyre flaps may be included. This could mention whether the flaps are made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, or a blend of materials. 4. **Thickness:** Some packaging might specify the thickness of the tyre flaps. This is particularly important for customers who have specific thickness requirements. 5. **Type:** The packaging may mention the type of tyre flap, especially if there are different types available from the manufacturer (e.g., standard tyre flap, self-sealing tyre flap). 6. **Brand/Manufacturer:** The packaging will likely display the brand or manufacturer's name or logo for identification. 7. **Usage/Application:** Information on the recommended usage or application of the tyre flaps may be included. For example, it might specify whether they are suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, or other vehicles. 8. **Instructions:** Some packaging may include instructions on how to install the tyre flaps properly, which can be especially helpful for consumers. 9. **Country of Origin:** The packaging may indicate the country where the tyre flaps were manufactured or produced. 10. **Barcode or Product Number:** A barcode or product number may be included for inventory and retail purposes. 11. **Safety Information:** Depending on the manufacturer and local regulations, there might be safety info
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